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Marketing in a Recession: 4 Steps Every Business Should Follow

March 31, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has caused sudden changes throughout practically all areas of everyday life. Schools and businesses are closed indefinitely. People across the nation are being told to stay...

Company Culture and Attitude in a Time of Uncertainty

March 30, 2020


The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans. No matter how you guessed your company’s first quarter of 2020 would end, it’s unlikely you predicted an international pandemic with...

Instead of an "enter" button on their keyboard, this person's key reads "teleworking" as they work from home.

Search and Social Media’s Impact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 17, 2020


With the coronavirus wreaking havoc upon practically all functions of everyday life, many people aren’t sure what to do. Businesses are implementing work from home policies, the term...

How to Structure Your Blog and Why It’s Important

February 12, 2020


Now that you’ve read about the importance of blogging on your business’s website, it’s time to discuss the importance of your blog’s format. Your blog’s structure is not only extremely...

SEO Site Success

Measuring SEO Success: How Is Your Site Doing?

January 31, 2020


Is Your Site Casting Its Largest Net? Discover If You Are Utilizing SEO to Its Maximum Abilities. Everyone’s heard of SEO, but few people understand the effort and research that goes into...

Importance of Blogging

The Importance of Blogging on Your Business’s Website

January 31, 2020


You’ve probably noticed that the vast majority of websites have a blog section. But why should you add a blog to your website? There are many benefits of blogging as a small business owner; no...

Page Speed Optimization on Laptop

Page Speed’s Impact on SEO

January 17, 2020


What is Page Speed? Page speed is an important element search engines use when determining your site’s ranking. It is the amount of time it takes for a web page to load. There are multiple...

Structured Data, Schema, and SEO all go hand in hand.

How Schema and SEO Work Together

January 17, 2020


As the world’s premiere search engine, Google is constantly improving to match searchers’ intent. In other words, they’re always trying to figure out why people are searching for the...

With Google BERT, the search engine is putting an increased focus on understanding the nuance of language.

Google BERT: What Does It Mean for Your Next Search Query?

January 10, 2020


Think about all the subtleties and nuances of the English language. You’ve got homophones, synonyms, polysemous words, homonyms, idiomatic phrases, and many other parts of speech that can prove...

Voice Search, SEO, and the Importance of a Featured Snippet

January 8, 2020


“Alexa, when is the next leap year?”  “Okay Google, where’s the nearest grocery store?” “Siri, what date is Thanksgiving next year?”  “Cortana, what does SEO stand...

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