About Us

We create personalized SEO and PPC strategies to optimize websites and their content for search engines.

9Sail is a search marketing firm that combines search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management to help businesses solve their issues with lead generation, brand awareness, reputation building and management, and generating targeted website traffic. We strive to not only meet, but exceed the financial goals and other key performance indicators (KPIs) of our clients.

Since our inception in 2015, we have served a multitude of industries and have helped them solve various problems, issues, and pains. To effectively help so many different types of businesses, we create unique strategies for each of our clients that allow us to maximize our success regardless of industry, region, size, or budget.

We strategize with you in mind. All of our PPC marketing plans are created based on your needs. Regardless of what area of law you’re in, 9Sail takes the time to understand what you need to succeed.

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Our search marketing services will put you in front of your potential customers. Using targeted SEO techniques and carefully researched PPC campaigns will optimize your business to be found by prospective customers searching for your particular product or service.

What We Do

9Sail specializes in joint or individual strategies for SEO and PPC strategies. In the realm of SEO, you must prepare for the long haul. We develop an understanding of your business and the environment you compete in to create a plan of action that is catered to your needs and goals. We then implement this personalized approach and track its impact and progress against the initial goals we set using various analytical tools and metrics. Based on our findings, we consistently check in to provide updates on our strategy and make recommendations to ensure the best results in the face of the constantly changing ranking criteria from Google and other search engines.

Our PPC approach can complement early stages of SEO or serve as a standalone approach to build brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive clicks into business. We will audit your current Google Ads account to understand how your spend is being used and if the methods of using it are effective. We also carefully analyze competitor paid advertising trends and study the traffic and conversion rates on various keywords relevant to your industry and services to orchestrate an effective PPC campaign. Over time, we build up and analyze data on campaigns, keywords, conversions, and more in order to make adjustments to continuously improve our strategy.

The 9Sail Difference

As a client of 9Sail, we guarantee top-notch service and a connection that runs deeper than an initial call and some update reports. At 9Sail, we foster a genuine interest in the success of our clients. When you win, we win. So we ensure availability and clear, consistent communication to that we value our engagement and our joint success. Reach out the the team at 9Sail today!