Why 9Sail

Search Marketing for Your Business

At this point, just having a website isn’t enough anymore – not if you want to stand out among the crowd. To be competitive in your industry, get the customers that you want, and grow your business, you need search marketing strategies that can maximize your website’s potential. That means fully integrating search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising into your business’ digital marketing plans.

With SEO and PPC being ever-changing landscapes, we understand that it can be a little overwhelming to plan, implement and monitor your search marketing campaigns while also staying up-to-date on industry changes and juggling all of your other day-to-day tasks. 

Luckily, 9Sail is here to help. We use proven tactics to help businesses generate leads, draw targeted website traffic, increase brand awareness, and build and manage brand reputations. 

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What You Need

If you’re researching SEM, you know you need to take action to improve your online presence to grow your business. But how do you determine what you need to make that happen? That’s where the digital marketing experts at 9Sail come in. In order to help you meet your business goals, you need:

  • A mobile-friendly, user-friendly website that loads quickly and provides value to your audience
  • To perform comprehensive competitor and keyword research to understand your landscape
  • Integrated PPC strategies to draw in leads more quickly to support your sales funnel
  • Web content optimized according to your services and keywords you want to rank for
  • Thorough on-page, off-page, and technical SEO that follows the most up-to-date best practices in the industry
  • Technical SEO that follows the most up-to-date best practices in the industry

And, of course, clearly identified goals and objectives to help you get a meaningful return on your investment, both in the short and long term.

How We Can Help

Since we opened our doors in 2015, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a data-driven proven process that, yes, actually works in achieving our clients’ goals. Our search marketing process combines SEO and PPC strategies that help boost leads, draw targeted website traffic, increase brand awareness, and build and manage brand reputations for our clients. 

Want to learn more about what’s included in our SEM services? Here’s a high level sample:


  • Full Site Audit
  • Strategy Creation and Implementation
  • Conversion Rate and Ongoing Optimization 
  • Web Page and Blog Content Calendars
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Google Ads Account Clean-Up
  • Campaign and Conversion Tracking Set-Up
  • Ads Management and Ongoing Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Monthly Reporting

Unlike most other agencies, although we work from our proven process, we don’t take a copy-paste approach—all of our strategies are designed to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to enhance your website’s potential through custom search engine marketing tactics to meet—and exceed—your financial goals and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

What Makes Us Different

We all know that digital marketing is a fast-changing industry. It can be hard to keep up with trends, shifts in technology, and what exactly your competition is doing. 

That’s why you want a reliable marketing agency – one that will be an honest broker about what you can expect, the anticipated return on investment, and, of course, the costs and effort involved in the work ahead. 

You want to be treated fairly. After all, you’re putting time, money, and your business on the line. When you work with 9Sail, you’ll benefit from our industry knowledge and expertise. But beyond that, we also pride ourselves on looking out for your business best interests all the time, and not just when it comes to search marketing. 

1. We’re Focused on What You Do

At 9Sail, we specialize in PPC and SEO for lawyers. Since we concentrate on this niche area, our seasoned digital strategists know what makes you—and your customers—tick. We’re versed in your industry’s nuances and complexities and what it takes to help you stand out from your competition.

2. We Dive Into the Deep End

With 9Sail, you don’t get surface-skimming recommendations. Before monthly consultative work begins, we kick off our client engagements with a strategy discovery project that results in a comprehensive blueprint. It contains keyword research, a thorough competitive analysis, and a list of actionable technical and content requirements. 

The proof is in the results. Check out a case study of the work we did for one of our clients that resulted in over 20x ROI for SEO.

3. We Live By Our Brand Promises

Our relationships with our clients are one of our biggest assets. (Besides our SEM expertise, that is.) Our SEO and PPC clients come to us time and again for our services because we stand by the quality of our work and follow through on our brand promises:

Available & Accountable

SEM agencies don’t always have the best reputation. Maybe someone has pushed outdated tactics on your business—or handed over duplicate content. Maybe an agency has made a lot of big promises that it couldn’t possibly keep. 

Whatever the case, your business deserves better. We’re always available for our clients, and we hold ourselves accountable for the work we do on your account every month.

Think Like An Owner – TLAO

Our team always operates with their Partner hat on. We pride ourselves to “Think Like an Owner” when providing our TLAO assistance, advisory services, and consultancy with regard to business planning, business analysis, business management, business organization, marketing and customer analysis to our clients.

Full Transparency

At 9Sail, we have open, honest conversations with our clients from Point A to Point B. We deliver news and updates candidly through regular check-ins, and we’re always happy to explain what we’re working on and why.

Trusted Partner

We build trust with our clients by not just evaluating their business from an SEO perspective but by looking at them holistically. 

Your website doesn’t exist in a digital vacuum, after all. We provide candor and expertise beyond your search marketing needs. Whether you’re looking for guidance on website design and development, social media marketing, email newsletters, copywriting, or any other area of digital marketing, we help support all your goals by guiding you into the right direction.

100% U.S. Company

Too many businesses are taken advantage of by SEO agencies who have outsourced everything overseas. While this can lower costs, the disadvantages of this are still huge. 9Sail provides customers with the peace of mind that their work is in the hands of people who understand their business, their geographic area, and their industry.

Ready to Experience the 9Sail Difference?

Search marketing success doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of having a dedicated, seasoned team on your side. 9Sail works to position your website—and your business—for long-term success. 

You can get the leads. You can get the conversions. You can turn new website visitors into paying customers. It doesn’t have to be hard—it can be as easy as contacting us to get started.