Our Team

Bitmoji of 9Sail CEO Joe Giovannoli

Joe Giovannoli


Joe founded 9Sail in 2015 with a goal to provide white-glove service in the search marketing industry. Joe is a problem solver and has spent most of his career solving business problems for clients with a strong focus in business development and lead generation. Joe is a wine and bourbon aficionado and enjoys Golf and the outdoors.

Bitmoji of team member Bryan Pattman

Bryan Pattman


Bryan is a graduate of Seton Hall University and is focusing on bringing new ideas and talent to the company. He is an avid college basketball fan and looks forward to March Madness every year. He enjoys helping clients reach their marketing and business goals. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with friends and family, spending time at the beach, and finding the best sushi and barbeque restaurants!

Ariel Rivera, director of marketing at 9sail

Ariel Rivera


Ariel brings nearly a decade of in-house experience with several of the region’s largest accounting and law firms to his role as Director of Marketing at 9Sail. In this capacity, he helps steer 9Sail’s marketing and business development initiatives and shepherd the agency’s brand – all with an eye toward client engagement and satisfaction. When not wearing the marketer’s hat, he fancies himself a (very) amateur chef and enjoys hitting the local trails with his Boston Terrier, Pablo.

Channing Lovett 9Sail Digital Strategist

Channing Lovett


Channing is a dedicated digital marketer with a penchant for developing and implementing SEO plans and content campaigns that produce real results. She’s a firm believer that when there’s a will, there’s always a way – especially when you’re passionate about using your expertise to help others accomplish their goals. Outside of the marketing world, Channing enjoys hiking, rock climbing, traveling, going to shows, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Jason Fidler, 9Sail Digital Strategist

Jason Fidler


Jason, born with a computer in hand, has a natural passion for tech.  He wields his experience in web dev to tackle the technical side of SEO.  When he’s not behind a screen, you can find him escaping cell service camping or hiking in the great Uinta Mountains.

Bitmoji of 9Sail's Jeff Rothe

Jeff Rothe


Jeff is 9Sail’s lead pay per click advertising manager that helps clients reach a targeted client demographic. He enjoys long walks on the beach and snowboarding in the winter.

Taylor Tobey


Taylor is working toward her Masters in Marketing at Fairleigh Dickinson. She has a passion for digital marketing and is excited to be working with the 9Sail team. Outside of work she enjoys going to the beach, playing softball, and spending time with family and friends.

Bitmoji of 9Sail's office dog, Dunkin



Dunkin is a fun loving energetic pup that lights up every room he walks into. Dunkin was rescued at age two and has been bringing happiness to Team 9Sail since it’s inception. Dunkin is our favorite team member. He enjoys long walks, belly scratches, and meeting new people. He is best known for his “butt wiggle” when new people enter the room.