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Optimizing Your URLs, Page Titles, and Meta Descriptions

June 25, 2021

Bryan Pattman

The 9Sail team has created this useful cheat sheet to help our clients understand the importance of having properly optimized URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions. If, after reading this...

Duplicate content illustration

How To: Avoid Use of Duplicate Content

July 18, 2020

Bryan Pattman

The Guide To Avoiding Duplicate Content For Law Firms With the ever-changing world of the internet, terms like “duplicate content”, “domain rating”, and “backlink” get thrown around a...

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9Sail Glossary: Your One Stop Shop for All Things SEO

March 17, 2020

Bryan Pattman

At 9Sail, our staff has a firm understanding of all things related to both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising). However, we know that not all of our clients come to...

A company's Google My Business account allows searchers to gain valuable information very easily.

Setting Up and Using Google My Business

February 27, 2020

Joe Giovannoli

  When you search for a business on Google, you’ve likely noticed a square box on the right side of the screen containing all sorts of information on the business. This is known as a...

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