9Sail Client Case Study: NYC Law Firm

Date: May 21, 2021

Business man drawing graph for SEOOur Client’s Challenge

Our client, a New York City-based business and entertainment law firm, came to 9Sail looking to resolve two issues common to many firms: increasing their influx of quality leads and growing their brand awareness. This law firm was already converting their organic search leads at a strong level and had a sizable amount of traffic to the site. Improving an already successful website would provide a unique challenge to the 9Sail team especially in the highly competitive NYC legal space. However, we were able to create a comprehensive SEO strategy after a successful kickoff meeting and fruitful baseline research of our client and their top competitors. 

Our Solution

Our initial layer of research begins with four components, and starts with our kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting helps us set expectations with our client, understand the client’s industry, and answer a myriad of informative questions that will help frame our research and strategy. After the kickoff meeting we conduct keyword research for our client and the industry, perform a competitive analysis of our client’s top competitors, and wrap up the research with an audit of the website’s SEO factors.

The combination of our findings between all of these research functions results in a unique SEO strategy catered specifically for each client. In the case of this NYC law firm, our main focus was on acquiring backlinks, improving their blog, and implementing schema. Our backlinking strategy honed in on finding unlinked mentions of their brand and doing outreaching to turn those mentions into strong backlinks. Improving their blog meant implementing new tactics, like using a content calendar and generating new topics, as well as repurposing and auditing old blog content. We also found relevant schema tags to implement throughout their site in order to streamline and ease how search engine crawlers understand their website’s content. These focal points, along with a variety of other SEO best practice implementations, led to exceptional results.

The 9Sail Impact

After applying our SEO strategy and allowing it to flourish with continued adjustments and improvements, our client’s goals were able to be fulfilled and exceeded. To reiterate, this NYC law firm wanted to increase their flow of quality leads and improve their brand awareness. We took data from a three-month span of April 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018, and compared that to the same range about 12-month into our engagement. In that time, we increased total clicks by over 25%, resulting in a wealth of new qualified leads and clients. The site traffic more than doubled, increasing by 216% and reflected the growth of their search visibility. 

Site Traffic line chart

Solid Line: 2019. Dotted Line: 2018. Even at 2019’s lowest points, it remained above the 2018 peaks.

Branded Keyword impressions chartBrand awareness for our client was favorable across a variety of areas. Primarily, branded search term impressions rose by 150%. This shows that familiarity with the client brand was improving in terms of both breadth and how favorably they are viewed by search engine users. Capturing and controlling your branded search market is a huge opportunity to improve SEO factors and the general perception of your brand through the search engine results pages.

With these various improvements implemented, the influx of new business was just what this growing NYC law firm needed to expedite their success and provide legal assistance. If you want similar growth for your law practice, don’t hesitate to reach out to 9Sail to see how we can improve your SEO to optimize for traffic, leads, and much more.

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