Case Study

Yearlong Web Traffic Growth for Personal Injury Lawyer

May 21, 2021

Driving traffic to your website is the cornerstone of growth and conversions for any company or practice. Without traffic, awareness is severely affected as well. Solving an issue involving traffic is not always straightforward, and often involves a very nuanced and intricate approach for the healthiest fix.

This is where 9Sail stepped in for a local Personal Injury Lawyer who struggled with creating a growing and consistent flow of traffic to their website.

Yearlong Web Traffic Growth for Personal Injury Lawyer

Where Do We Start?

We began a thorough analysis of their current drivers of traffic and noticed that their citations, or references to its business’s name, address, and phone number, were lacking.

Citations are essential for local SEO and it was only natural that we build up their citation catalog to bring in traffic from other local web resources.

Now that more avenues for traffic became available, the site has to be optimized for web search traffic and the general health of the site.

site audit and analysis


Comprehensive Site Audit And Analysis

During our audit, we cleaned up a variety of backend issues including:

  • Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
  • Site map errors
  • Broken Javascript and CSS files

Solving these issues improved the site and page rankings on Google, which culminated in the client’s site being featured higher in a search.

The site map cleanup also increased page speed, encouraging users to stay on the site longer which drove up session time and brought down bounce rate.

With these concerns behind us, we worked with our client to reassess their target market in order to plan and create relevant content. The phrase, “content is king” speaks volumes about the many benefits of helpful, relevant content. It aids users by answering questions similar to the service provided by our client and builds a rapport before they utilize their service.

Measuring Our Results

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Analytics
Lawyer SEO Case Study

Utilizing Google Analytics, we were able to proudly and efficiently convey the achievements that our hard work had brought to our client.

Most noticeably, both regular traffic and new user traffic more than tripled in the yearlong window we worked with this client. This shows that both returners and new users were seeing increases in site visits. New users were learning about our client, and many were coming back for more information.

Overall, our strategy lead to more visitors as well as increased engagement as people spent more time on the site and explored different pieces of content the site had to offer.

Pageviews more than doubled during this same time frame, and in turn, ensured that users were engaging in more content across different pages. This increased the user’s awareness of the content and services our client provides, and reiterated interest in absorbing content from more than just one page.