Case Study

Local New Jersey Accounting Firm Sees Resounding Boost in Web Traffic

May 20, 2021

Web traffic can be an effective way to grow awareness and begin the process of turning potential clients into consistent, valued clients. For this to occur though, users must be able to easily find and navigate a website.

With these client aspirations in mind, 9Sail was more than ready to provide the best service and strategies to optimize web interactions and grow web traffic for our client.

Local New Jersey Accounting Firm Sees Resounding Boost in Web Traffic

Analysis Of Web Traffic Avenues

We begin by examining the current search engine optimization strategies that are being applied, and see where there is room to supplement the current efforts to drive more traffic. This ranges from:

  • Analyzing keywords
  • Using credible and relevant link-building practices
  • Ensuring consistency throughout their online presence

With web traffic improved through SEO, it is vital to ensure that our client’s website is running quickly and efficiently for users to have an enjoyable experience via a site audit and improvement efforts.

Local New Jersey Accounting Firm Sees Resounding Boost in Web Traffic

Comprehensive Site Audit

During our audit, we will have the chance to solve issues that can build upon our current improvement of the site and page rankings on Google, while also creating a better user experience.

We began with cleaning up a variety of back-end issues including:

  • Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
  • Site map errors
  • Broken files from Java and CSS.

All of these edits will benefit the user experience greatly by increasing page speed and improving how the site looks. This will encourage visitors of the website to stay longer and engage more with the content on multiple web pages.

The 9Sail Impact

After we have completed our comprehensive audit and analysis, we use various analytical tools to measure and display the impact that comes from our work.

Our client saw an impressive increase in new users shown in an increase of more than 66% for this specific category. During the month we started, we took note of the peak of daily users on the site’s most popular day. A year later, that peak daily traffic was surpassed on more than two-thirds of the days of that same month. A true testament to a new standard and expectation of traffic for our client.

Overall, traffic strongly increased for our client, and as a result of this, people additionally spent more time on the site and exploring different pieces of content the site had to offer.


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