Who is Your Target Audience for Law Firm SEO?

Date: June 7, 2023

When it comes to any marketing strategy, you want to have your target audience top of your mind, especially if you are investing in SEO. When you understand your target audience, you can better market your services to them, leading to an increase in leads and new business. 

Three Steps to Understanding Who Your Target Audience Is

When it comes to identifying your target audience for your firm’s SEO efforts, it’s important to follow the three steps outlined below. 

1. Outline Your Ideal Client(s)

The first step in identifying your target audience for your SEO efforts is to first envision your ideal client, or clients if your firm has more than one practice area. Jot down some demographics of this ideal client. Some demographic information to consider is occupation, income, and education level.

For example, if you are a business attorney, your ideal client is likely a business owner or CEO of a company. Alternatively, if you are a commercial real estate attorney, your ideal client is likely a property manager or real estate broker.  

2. Segmenting Your Target Audiences Based on Practice Area

As mentioned above, if your firm has multiple practice areas, you will want to segment your target audience by those practice areas or sub-practice areas, whatever makes the most sense for your firm. That is because, as you know, different areas often serve different demographics. This is why step one of outlining your ideal client(s) is critical. 

3. Understanding the Pain Points of Your Ideal Client(s) 

Once you have your ideal client outlined, you will want to brainstorm and understand the pain points your ideal client would encounter. 

Going back to our earlier example of a business attorney, some of your ideal client’s pain points could be not knowing or understanding which entity their new business should be. On the other hand, if we refer back to the commercial real estate attorney example, some of your ideal client’s pain points could be not knowing how to draft or negotiate a lease agreement.

Implementing Your Target Audience into Your SEO Strategy 

Now that you’ve established who your target audience is, how can you actually implement that information into your SEO strategy? This is where understanding user intent comes into play. Once you understand who your target audience is and what their pain points are, you can then understand how your target audience would search for your services. But how does this tie into SEO? 

Understanding user intent will help you conduct keyword research and generate a list of actionable keywords that will guide your target audience to your website. In short, this will help generate more traffic to your site and provide your firm with more qualified leads. 

In addition to keyword research, your target audience can be implemented within the content on your website. When writing, you will want to consider what your target audience is looking for based on the topic at hand. 

Does Your Law Firm Need Help With SEO?

If you need help establishing your target audience and implementing that information into a long-lasting SEO strategy, the team at 9Sail can help. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help and for a free site audit.