What SEO Does for Sales Management: Why Business Development Executives Should Pay Attention To Search Engine Optimization

Date: February 28, 2017

optimization with charts and laptop in background

It’s the age old battle, Marketing has their ideas and Sales has theirs and 9 times out of 10, they will butt heads… Marketing looks at conversion rates, bounce rates, campaign data, and any other number they can get their hands on. The marketing team is the backbone of any company that sells a product or service in an industry that has competition. Marketing is tasked with building a plan, devising a strategy and implementing the strategy. All this, while aiding the sales team in any of their needs/endeavors (marketing collateral creation, pitch deck building, etc…)

And then there’s Sales… they really only care about one thing, and that is closing deals. It makes sense, right? “Nothing happens until someone sells something” as it is commonly stated in weekly sales meeting across the country. The sales team wants to develop new business and cultivate any existing business they might have. Sales teams would argue that they are the most important part of the company, hence why Marketing and Sales always butt heads.

There is a common ground, however, and it is arguably the most important part of any marketing AND sales strategy… Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many companies aim to edge out their competition through costly advertising campaigns such as Facebook and Google while others hire hundreds, of not thousands of salespeople to crawl the country/world looking for new business. These campaigns have some flaws, aside from their high costs. Ad’s are short term and typically disappear when a company stops spending. Seems like a bit of a waste, no?

How SEO Brings Marketing and Sales Together

This is where SEO comes into play, and most of the time, worth every penny. Search Engine Optimization is an investment, and needs to be treated as such. Good things take time, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” as they say. SEO will help any Marketing and Sales team to get on the same page because, at the end of the day, there is only one thing that matters… LEADS.

Leads are the lifeblood of any SEO campaign and also the opportunities that marketing needs to generate and sales needs to close on. Bringing in leads help to keep everyone in check. If marketing generates leads and Sales is selling those new prospects, everyone wins. With SEO, it is clear where the holes are and it is easy to address.

SEO takes a lot of time and requires several skill sets that most marketing departments do not possess all under one roof and when they do, they don’t want their team spending all of their time on SEO. Good marketing departments hire SEO companies to do the dirty work so they can continue to further heir campaigns, internal strategies and aid the sales team in whatever they may need.

So what’s the point? SEO is a win win for both sales and marketing. If you aren’t investing in it, you are missing out.

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