The Impact of Law Firm Content Creation

Date: May 7, 2024

Content marketing is a key facet of all law firm marketing strategies. As the digital landscape evolves and continues to shape how information is accessed and consumed, legal professionals are harnessing the power of content to not only showcase their expertise but also to connect with their audience on a deeper level. So what is the impact of law firm content creation? Let’s dive in!

Five Main Types of Content For Law Firms 

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence and engaging with potential clients, content reigns supreme for law firms. While law firms can generate many different types of content, here are five main types that can help your firm effectively connect with more potential new clients. 

Website Copy 

The first type of content for law firms and, in my opinion, the most important is your website copy. This is the copy on the main pages of your website, such as your About Us page or practice area pages. It is critical that your website copy is in line with the firm’s overall brand while also providing valuable information about how your firm can and has helped people. It also helps if you invest time and resources into making sure your website copy is properly optimized so your firm has the greatest opportunity to rank well in search and boost overall visibility.  


The second type of content for law firms is news. This can include any updates the firm may have that are considered to be newsworthy. For example, you might post a news update if an attorney gets promoted to partner or if there is a new law or bill that just got passed. 

These are beneficial to show current and potential new clients that your firm and its attorneys are on top of new developments in the law and help with thought leadership. Showing your firm as a thought leader can help with digital PR as well and can improve your credibility when trying to get attorneys quoted or interviewed. 


The third type of content for law firms is blogs. Blogging is an incredibly beneficial type of content that many firms overlook or put on the back burner. According to the ABA’s 2023 Websites and Marketing TechReport, one-third of respondents say their law firms have a blog, including 60% of lawyers in firms of between 100-499 lawyers and over 67% of respondents from firms with 500+ lawyers. However, only 12% actually maintain the blog. There is immense value in investing the time and resources to consistently produce high-quality blog content. In fact, of those surveyed by the ABA who maintained their blog, 53% of them said they had a client retain them directly or via referral as a result of their blogging efforts. With that said, we encourage you to take the time to invest in your firm’s blog as you will see the payoff in due time. 


The fourth main type of content is podcasts. Podcasts have been quickly gaining popularity in recent years. Did you know that there are over 464 million podcast listeners worldwide, which is projected to reach 504.9 million by 2024? This provides a great opportunity for your law firm to capitalize on especially those that have criminal law practices. Why? Well, 34% of US adults who have engaged with podcasts in the last 12 months consistently tune in to podcasts dedicated to true crime. Regardless of the types of law your firm practices, podcasts offer another unique way your firm can produce interesting content for current and potential clients. 


The fifth and final main type of content is videos, which can include both long and short-form videos. According to the same ABA TechReport mentioned earlier, only 30% of respondents said their firms produce video to help market the practice. This provides firms that do invest the time into video a competitive advantage, especially as more and more people are interested in video content. If your firm is not currently working on any video content, it may be worth it to give it a try. Remember– it does not have to be some big production; it can be as simple as an attorney sitting in front of a camera and providing some valuable insights or information. 

What Impact Does Content Creation Have on Law Firms?

Content creation can have a significant impact on your firm if you have a comprehensive plan and an ample amount of resources to implement that plan effectively. Some benefits of that impact include the following.

Increased Brand Awareness 

Content creation helps increase brand awareness in a variety of ways. 

  • Attracting new clients to your website 
  • Sharing the firm’s brand story 
  • Getting the firm’s name out there on various channels (Examples: Google, social media, YouTube, etc.)

Brand awareness is critical to helping drive new business and content is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. 

Thought Leadership 

Content creation helps establish your firm as a thought leader within the industry in many different ways. For example, through blogging or news insights, your firms can share their knowledge and establish themselves as experienced professionals in that area of law. Additionally, if your firm is producing content to be used as guest blogs, that also helps establish your firm as a thought leader, as now other publications are looking to your attorneys for insights. 

Improved Visibility Within Search Results 

Producing properly optimized content consistently is instrumental in improving your firm’s visibility and rankings within search results. Writing or producing content that is of high quality, unique, and focused on what your target audience is looking for can have a large impact on your firm’s bottom line by bringing in new business and ultimately increasing revenue. 

Increased Online Leads 

It was mentioned previously that producing content can directly impact your firm’s bottom line by bringing in an increased amount of leads from your website or other online/digital channels. It is 100% true! Across our clients, those that are the most consistent and committed to creating high-quality content see the best results in not just increased visibility on search but also in bringing in new leads which then turn into new clients.  

Get a Comprehensive Content Plan in Place For Your Law Firm 

Investing in a comprehensive content marketing strategy can have a significant impact and return on investment for firms who are dedicated to putting the work into it. While the content marketing process can be daunting, you don’t have to go through it alone. If you’re looking to improve your firm’s content marketing, reach out to a member of our team today!