The Advantage of Blogging from Experience

Date: November 3, 2022

As the institution of content marketing continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly apparent how influential a part of your marketing strategy blog creation can be for your law firm website. The creation of high quality content drives traffic to your firm and establishes your attorneys as industry leaders. But it’s not enough to simply write about the legal world in general – your potential clients aren’t looking for law school essays. Rather, taking and utilizing your extensive experience in the legal sphere is an ideal way to showcase your knowledge and hands-on history. 

You Know Your Practice Areas Best

As practicing attorneys, the lawyers at your firm surely have a broad understanding of the legal world as a whole, and can write with some confidence about a variety of legal topics, whether or not they’re the focus of your practice. However, it’s extremely likely that potential clients will stumble upon your blog while looking for answers to specific legal questions centered in your practice areas. The insights that you can provide about the issues you unravel every day provides a value that this new audience can only get from you. General legal knowledge can be found in a plethora of places throughout the internet. But only you can provide ever-evolving, up-to-date information about the most niche goings-on in your practice, and blog posts based on true working knowledge provide the most value for potential clients looking for answers. 

Expertise Encourages Trust

In addition to specific working information, writing about the legal sphere in which you live will imbue your audience with a sense of trust towards what you have to say. In curating accurate, current, and understandable blog posts, you establish your credibility both with other law firms and, most importantly, with your target audience. Demonstrating that you not only understand your legal niche but also work in it every day and pull from that experience infuses your writing with confidence and relevant information, and as you establish trust, you are inspiring potential clients to trust your workmanship and, ideally, pursue a working relationship. 

Connection Through Multiple Channels

Establishing your firm as a leader in your practice area can connect your firm to potential working partners and new clients via several different pathways. The most notable of these is social media. For little to no cost, your blog content can be posted on multiple platforms, which extends your outreach beyond the hope that a potential client will find your website organically. Indeed, social media and organic search can and should work together as a part of your broader marketing strategy. Social media essentially becomes an extension of networking when utilized properly – as you use your experience and expertise to write engaging content, your social media connections will be encouraged to share your blog posts more widely, reaching an entirely new audience and perhaps even encouraging some interesting discourse. By this natural progression, new potential clients will read your informative and informed writing, bringing them back to your website and encouraging further engagement into a working relationship. 

Stand Out from the Competition

It’s no longer uncommon for legal blogging to be a part of a law firm’s marketing strategy. However, there are more in-depth factors involved that can still put you head and shoulders above your peers. The way you choose topics to write about can make a big difference in how the public engages with your blog content, for example. Writing about topics you’re deeply passionate about or experienced with can imbue your content with a unique, compelling energy, and in writing about topics important to you, you’ll also be encouraged to write and post more often. Writing and posting with regularity will direct traffic to your site, and your insightful content will entice that traffic to stay. 

Connect Your Firm to Important Keywords

From a practical standpoint, producing relevant, engaging content will draw potential clients to your website through the principles of search engine optimization (SEO). Blog content is distributed by search engines who are trying to match your content with searchers by pulling terms they most commonly seek. Simply by nature of existing, your legal blog posts will promote your firm through their connection to these search terms, or keywords. The stronger the content you produce containing these keywords, the more likely it is that your blog posts will be shown to searchers. 

It’s important to note that you do not want to overfill your content with keywords in an effort to reach everyone at once, a principle known as “keyword stuffing.” Rather, you want to focus your content on a specific topic in your niche and use relevant keywords naturally throughout your writing. This is where your experience comes into play– your intimate familiarity with your practice areas will positively influence the way you use keywords related to your topic. The fact that these words are a part of your daily vocabulary will result in strong content written by a human for another human, rather than blog posts that feel stiff, uncomfortable, or robotic. That confidence in your knowledge will shine through your writing.

An SEO Team Can Help Your Content Reach the Next Level

Starting the process of content creation can feel like a big undertaking, and even your extensive experience in the legal field might not feel like enough.  At 9Sail, we specialize in helping attorneys like you with their SEO marketing and content creation. We know what the necessary steps are to create content that is both informative and relevant, helping to put your website in front of as many potential customers as possible.

We encourage you to set up a free consultation with our team of experts to start the content creation process. You can make your appointment by calling or submitting your contact information through our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!