Should Your Law Firm Release ‘Small’ News Announcements?

Date: December 27, 2023

It’s not uncommon for law firms to face a scenario where they or their digital PR experts have put a lot of effort into crafting a press release announcing their newest partner or a pitch about their new website, only to receive no response from the media. The silence from journalists and publications can be disheartening, leaving you and your law firm to wonder if the announcement is newsworthy enough. However, there could be several reasons why journalists and publications may not be responding. It is essential to identify the leading cause of the issue and make the necessary changes to improve the chances of success in the future.

Are ‘Small’ Firm Announcements Newsworthy?

Suppose you have sent out multiple email announcements hoping for media coverage on your law firm’s press release but have yet to achieve the desired results. In that case, it is natural to feel uncertain about whether you should continue reaching out. 

Below are a few reasons your law firm’s outreach may go unnoticed by journalists and publications.

  • Reporters receive numerous daily announcements, pitches, and press releases via email, leaving little to no room for all of the emailed news to be included.
  • It’s essential to keep in mind that not all news is newsworthy enough for the media. Some reporters have mentioned they could spend their whole career covering new websites or partner moves alone. Not everything you send to media outlets will be interesting enough for them to report on.
  • Reporters always look for stories that interest their readers and are trending or a part of a larger story. Therefore, when presenting your law firm’s news, it’s essential to show how it impacts or affects the audience. For example, a promotion of a managing partner might be linked to a notable expansion in practice areas, a famous local case, or a move to a new region. Similarly, if a firm launches a new website that includes a client portal, video library, or free guidebooks, it could be part of a bigger success story. Overall, you will want to present the law firm’s news in a way that appeals to a broader audience in order to generate media coverage.

It is important to understand that creating and distributing these announcements is essential to building your law firm’s brand recognition and relationships with journalists and publications. Planning and executing this outreach can help you effectively reach your target audience and generate the media coverage your law firm is seeking. So it’s key not to get discouraged– press releases, big or small, are still an important part of your law firm’s PR strategy.

That being said, when making announcements about new developments that are not “breaking news,” it is important to have reasonable expectations about the media coverage you’re likely to receive. For example, if you are announcing new hires or promotions within your law firm, your best options for media coverage would be legal trade publications, local business journals, community newspapers, or sometimes a more well-known daily newspaper. Alum publications are also a good choice for announcing news about former students. However, unless it involves a high-profile individual, expecting The New York Times to cover a promotional move or new hire is unreasonable.

Benefits of “Small” News Announcements 

Sharing regular updates with journalists can be a valuable PR strategy, even if only a few can publish your law firm’s news. It helps keep your firm’s name at the top of their mind and demonstrates that your law firm is thriving and committed to being a valuable resource. This communication shows that your law firm is engaged and active in the industry. Journalists who see your law firm’s name frequently are more likely to think of your firm when they need an insider’s input on a particular topic. Building relationships with reporters positions your firm as a reliable and authoritative source of information.

Regardless of its significance, every piece of news can help establish your law firm’s credibility with publications and journalists. Understand that a single “no” does not mean they are completely rejecting your news. Instead of assuming that the journalist or publication is not interested, it is always better to ask if they would like to receive similar news in the future. This approach indicates that you value their time and encourage a positive working relationship in the future.

Other Ways to Share The Firm’s Latest News

Law firms have many options to share their latest news with their clients, colleagues, referral partners, and prospects without relying on traditional media. Law firms can use email marketing, newsletters, social media platforms, and blogs to reach a broader audience. By utilizing these channels, your law firm can also include photos of the attorneys for the announcement, which can impact your firm’s brand recognition and create channels of relatability and humanity for your firm. 

Additionally, law firms can repurpose their news across various platforms, giving them the most leverage possible. Doing so can create a buzz for your firm’s news announcements and increase your law firm’s SEO. This approach can attract potential clients and create a positive brand image, leading to more business opportunities. 

Overall, your law firms should continue to create announcements for the latest news and take advantage of the various specialized tools available. Doing so lets you stay ahead of the competition and helps keep your audience engaged and tuned into your firm.

Collaborate with a Digital PR Agency On Your Next ‘Small’ News Announcement

Don’t be discouraged if you have released news about your firm, such as promotional moves or other “small” announcements, but the media has not covered them. There are still many ways you can publicize the news and show journalists that your law firm is thriving, committed to keeping them informed, and available as a reliable resource. 

Our team of digital PR experts can help your law firm build stronger relationships with journalists and publications, all while increasing brand awareness. Contact us today to learn more!