Site Set Up

Are you a business looking to broaden your audience by creating a website? Perhaps you’re considering a rebrand or update to your current site? Regardless of which of these apply to you, you must consider the SEO performance of your site. The internet is the perfect place for a business because you can reach so many people that meet specific criteria, and this can be done most effectively when you put your website into the hands of a search marketing service like 9Sail. Not only do we specialize in ongoing SEO and PPC, but we provide guidance and help our clients improve their website build by providing consulting during a site set up or a site migration.

Step 1: The Sitemap

First and foremost, our experts will help you create a proper sitemap. What is it exactly? It is a list of pages from a website that show crawlers from places like search engines how your site is structured and how the pages that occupy it are organized. If you are creating a new site or changing domains, it is imperative that you create and supply a site map for crawlers to use because this is the fastest and simplest way to start appearing on search engines. Because Google, Bing, and Yahoo are looking at these sitemaps to help aid customers in their search, it’s important to allow SEO experts to handle this portion of the process so you’ll get the recognition you rightfully deserve.


Step 2: Keyword and Competitor Research

Next, we’ll research relevant keywords for your business specifically, to your industry, and to your top competitors so that way we can understand how potential customers search for your services. We carefully sort and filter through keywords that are relevant to your industry and words that are being looked up at a high volume. By doing this, we can connect the dots on your services and how potential customers may find you. 

On-Page Optimization

While keywords utilizing in your content are important, you cannot forget to implement them in title tags and meta descriptions, which are just as important. Title tags tell Google what you do, and your meta description tells the customer in a short blurb of the content your site has. This is where your customer will get its first impression of you and an area we are comfortable with advising you on how to best create appealing, search-friendly titles and meta descriptions.

While website designers and developers can make your site look beautiful, 9Sail will ensure that your website is seen by not just any traffic, but users who are looking for your specific offering. Instead of letting your website gather dust, let us guide you through how to ensure your website is generating traffic from organic search. Give us a call today if you’re ready to get that website up and running.