Four Reasons FAQs Make for Strong Website Content

Date: September 5, 2023


When potential clients find themselves searching the internet for legal help, they often come bearing specific questions in mind. Those questions are often the “big ones”– the ones that define your area of law. It may feel counterintuitive at first– why should I answer questions that clients can pay me to ask? However, having a frequently asked question section on your law firm website to answer these questions will encourage the reader to learn more from your firm, and at its core, is a relatively easy way to add helpful content to your website while advancing your law firm’s SEO strategy

FAQs Improve User Experience

Your website might be meticulously organized, tagged, and labeled. But despite careful attention to detail, users still might have to read through several pages to find the answer they’re looking for on your site. By putting their most nagging questions into one easily-consumable page, you demonstrate that not only do you have the answers they’re seeking, but you also care about how efficiently and easily users can access information. It also proves your experience and knowledge by demonstrating that you know the questions a client is most likely to ask, and are prepared to start by explaining at a surface level before delving deeper, perhaps on another page or at a consultation. These pages often become some of the most-visited on a website because of their accessibility and ease of use, optimizing user experience and guiding your audience. 

FAQs Target the Questions Your Target Audience is Searching For

Frequently asked questions sections allow your target audience to find the answers to their most pressing questions in an efficient and straightforward way. Very often, an individual searching for an attorney will enter a full question into a search bar– something that SEO professionals target as something called “long-tail keywords.” These keywords are an excellent way to draw in traffic to your site– they often have little competition, and may even have relatively low search volume, but the fact that the question is being asked means that almost invariably, the asker is looking to engage services like yours rather than just browsing the web. Having immediate, accessible answers to these questions will not only bring searchers to your website, but depending on the quality of your answers, your FAQ will also keep them there to continue reading, moving to your linked service pages to learn more. 

It’s also worth noting that FAQs are a prime location for content that may get highlighted by Google as a “Featured Snippet.” This Featured Snippet is a textual box positioned at the very top of the organic search results, often referred to as “position zero.” Click-through rates for links within Featured Snippets typically surpass those for other search results on the page, thereby substantially boosting the volume of visitors to your website when your content is featured.

You Can Link Back To Other Service Pages and Blogs

As previously mentioned, your FAQ can keep users on your site by encouraging them to read more content on each topic mentioned in the questions and answers. A great FAQ page can act as an entry point to your entire organization by linking relevant blogs, service pages, and attorney bio pages within thorough, helpful answers. Having these opportunities to link internally on your website between your FAQ page and related content will also improve your site’s SEO, as well as your guests’ ability to navigate where they want to go.

You Can Demonstrate Your Expertise

Perhaps the defining feature of your FAQ page is that it, in all its simplicity, gives your law firm the opportunity to show off its breadth of knowledge– and in more ways than one. First and most intuitively, it allows your firm to answer commonly asked questions to prove that you, of course, have the answers. But it also provides you the chance to build trust and spell out these answers in a way that speaks to your target audience– you know not only the questions your potential clients will ask, but you also know the best language to use to convey your answers in a way that makes your potential clients feel heard, comfortable, and understood. Not only this, but you also have the opportunity to show off just how deep of an understanding you have of your prospective client base that you know their questions (and answers!) before they even walk in the door to consult with you. Answer the questions that are asked of you in every consultation, and you prove that you listen, you understand, and you can aid the reader past this first hurdle.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience with Strong Content

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