Case Study

The Power of Evaluating and Refreshing Content For Maximized Search Performance 

October 6, 2023

Our client, a boutique family law firm, was looking to ramp up the existing content on their site in order to be the best resource possible. Our client also wanted to get a better understanding of their return on investment with Google Ads. With this in mind, our team of law firm digital marketing experts got to work! 

The Power of Evaluating and Refreshing Content For Maximized Search Performance 

Content and SEO 

With the goal of improving existing site content before adding new content to the website, our team started at the end of 2022 with a content audit. From that content audit, we identified the existing content that was performing really well, there was some content that needed a little bit of a makeover, and other pieces that just needed to be deleted entirely. Our team used a variety of tools such as Google Search Console in order to make data-driven decisions. We’ve dedicated much of the last year to providing makeovers to existing content that still covered valuable topics but needed some extra love to be brought back to life. This content strategy proved to be incredibly effective as you’ll see in the results section. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising With Google Ads 

Thanks to in-depth conversion tracking, which we’ll discuss a bit later, we have been able to refine the Google Ads strategy. How did we do this? Well, we’ve closely tracked the campaigns that have driven the most qualified leads and retainers. From that information, we have been able to optimize the Google Ads account in order to get the most amount of qualified leads.  

In-Depth Conversion Tracking 

With the help of our client and their intake team, we have been able to work together to closely track every lead that comes through the website or Google Ads, and keep a running list of whether they booked a consultation, whether they showed up for their consultation, and how much revenue that lead has produced for the firm. 

This in-depth conversion tracking has allowed us to refine the SEO strategy as well as the PPC strategy in order to focus on the areas of their business that will not only produce the most amount of revenue but also the highest number of leads. Some tools that have been incredibly helpful with this in-depth tracking are CallRail and Unbounce. 

The Power of Evaluating and Refreshing Content For Maximized Search Performance 

The Results 

  • Throughout 2023, we have seen total clicks and impressions continue to increase at a steady rate. 

  • Compared to the last three months year over year (August – October 2022 vs. 2023) we have seen the number of clicks going to our client’s website nearly quadruple with impressions nearly doubling. 

  • We have  helped our client generate a 3X ROI with Google Ads so far this year (Jan – Sept. 2023). 

Key Takeaways 

  • It’s important to audit and refresh the existing content on your site. 
  • In-depth conversion tracking can help your firm make better data-driven marketing  decisions. 
  • A well-planned SEO strategy mixed with a solid PPC strategy can yield extremely positive results.

To learn more about how 9Sail can refresh your law firm’s content and give your SEO visibility a boost, contact us today!