Case Study

Bridging SEO, PPC and Content to Help Generate Revenue for Elder Law Firm

April 29, 2022

One of the region’s most well-respected elder law firms engaged with 9Sail to advise and execute a long-term SEO strategy geared towards boosting organic traffic and their site’s general search visibility.

Bridging SEO, PPC and Content to Help Generate Revenue for Elder Law Firm

In working with this particular client, we were fortunate to be engaged across all three areas of our business and entrusted with helping to modernize their business development function. As with any digital campaign worth its weight, success begins with content working hand-in-hand with SEO and further supplemented with pay-per-click efforts.

Content + SEO

After reviewing the client’s website and its behind-the-scenes data, we found clear gaps in how they wanted it to be found and how it was actually being found.

Our response?

Leveraging the competitive analysis we’d already conducted, we took a look at how the client’s peer firms were generating website traffic and used their pages as a baseline to generate better-performing static or “service line” pages peppered with conversion touchpoints, as well as to develop supplementary, more dynamic blog content with similar calls-to-action responsive to the terms and questions their prospects are searching for when actively seeking legal advice.



At 9Sail, we view pay-per-click as a supplement to our and our clients’ SEO efforts in capturing accretive terms that may be too competitive or oversaturated from an SEO perspective.

  • In undergoing a PPC engagement, a similar kick-off analysis project takes place where our clients look to us for recommendations and insight into whether a PPC investment is feasible to compete with existing advertisers based on their budgets and, if it is, a recommended budget allocation is provided based on our understanding of their objectives and competitive landscape.
  • Working closely with the client, we identified a cost-effective approach to divvying up their SEO and PPC investment to have the greatest possible business impact.
  • Importantly, we also helped the client establish proper attribution tracking to ensure that all incoming leads, and the sources from which those leads arrived at their website, were known.
    • This is a critical step because it allows for the firm’s leadership team to assess its marketing budget and reallocate the investment based on what rendered optimal results.

The charts below illustrate the results and bottom-line impact our work has had on the client’s business.

The Results

The top-line SEO numbers are as follows:

  • In 2021, our client earned 2.15M impressions in Google’s search results with more than 23K site click-throughs.
  • These impressions and click-throughs resulted in more than 250 conversions (consultation requests, white paper downloads, and phone calls).

From a PPC perspective:

  • The largest optimization takeaway is our cost-per-click (CPC) improvement over time relative to ad position in search. When we initially launched, average CPC hovered around $17 for a few months and now we are close to $13, while not sacrificing top-of-page impression percentage.
  • We experienced a dip in November/December 2021, but bounced back in the new year and are now consistently generating sub-$200 conversions in 2022.
  • By breaking practice area themes out in the account, we are able to allocate the budget more intelligently and focus a larger weight on the themes that convert better, influencing bottom-line conversions.

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