The Importance of Blog Content For Contractors

Date: August 9, 2022

Before thinking of “what to write” your first question may be, “why is content important?” Content is the main building block of an online presence. A site that just lists services, products, and prices may be good for a potential client who already knows exactly what they are looking for from their contractor; however, it will not work for the potential client who is just beginning to plan out their next home project. With blogs written to promote your service pages, your website will show up in more searches, and with more avenues to view your site from, traffic will continue to increase.

Traffic Leads to Leads

As you begin to plan out the blog content for your site, it is important to keep the post related to the services you offer. For example, if you are a company specializing in kitchen remodeling projects, your blogs should not be about the best beaches to visit in the summer. Service specific content will not only generate a larger audience but will also generate an audience that can easily become clients. Content that references the services you provide, as well as the geographic areas you service, will begin to engage an audience of qualified leads.

What to Write

Now that you know why it is so important to add this content to your site, it is time to figure out what to write. Blogs should funnel people searching the web to your site. As you build out your content plan, you should think of the questions that your clients usually ask. If you realize that most clients are focused on the timeline of your work, then write a blog explaining why projects take as long as they do. You can also break down the pros and cons of different products that you use, which can be a great way to highlight luxury products that may not be as well known.

Full Transparency

Being honest with your audience is, quite frankly, the best thing you can do when writing your blog content. There may be some truths, for example, about the length of a project that are sometimes not shared with the client for one reason or another. Your blogs are the perfect time to communicate these openly. Full transparency will gain the trust of your audience and grow your site’s authority in your area of expertise. 

The Importance of Images

Studies have shown that around 25% of Google searches are viewed through the Images tab and that two-thirds of people who click on images ultimately click through to the website. A great image will drive traffic to your site especially if it is relevant to the text that it is linked to. For contractors, it is best to use pictures of the work you have done. Taking high-quality before and after photographs of your work will not only boost your content, but can also showcase the work you do. 

The Power of Internal Links

Blog content will bring traffic to your site, now it is important to get them to the pages that market the work your company does. Internal links are the most useful tool a contractor has outside of their jobsite. Links from your blog to the related service page will be the bridge that transitions someone from a reader to a client.

Linking The Right Pages

Internal links will only work if they are relevant. A person reading your blog on the current trends for kitchen cabinets should not be linked to your windows and siding service page. That person may, however, be sent to your kitchen and tile remodeling page. The reader may be just browsing the web for ideas when your content ignites the spark in them to begin working on their project. Turning a reader into a lead is all a matter of how well you map out your content. The right landing page will be the closing line in the sales pitch that is your website.

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be

What you write about is what is most important as far as your readers are concerned, but looking at it through the marketing lens, the length of a blog is important. Search engines will measure the legitimacy and readability of your blog through many factors, one of which is length. For Google to truly optimize how often your blog appears in searches, studies have found that 1,000 words is generally the sweet spot. The length of your blog will keep people engaged with your articles, and the longer they are on your site, the more likely they are to click those internal links you have added. 

Keep On Posting

With updated service pages, your blogs will elevate your site to the next level. Writing a long enough blog that is honest and thorough will grow your brand and help your business reach new heights. Contact 9Sail for any of your digital marketing needs.