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Running a successful landscaping business is not easy. It’s an involved and laborious profession. Oh, and lest we forget the extreme amount of COMPETITION! So, what is the secret to success? How can you stand out amongst an increasingly larger crowd? The answer to that age-old question is DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES, specifically Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

What Can SEO Do For My Landscaping Business?

The world has changed. Gone are the days when a landscaper could get by based on word of mouth and some strategic print advertising. We now live in a Google search world, and marketing efforts have to evolve in order to keep up with the times.

As the weather warms up and grass begins to grow, new homeowners in your area are going to be looking to Google to find landscaping services before their lawns grow out of control. When someone types “landscaper” into Google, they’re likely to choose a company found on the first page of results. If you’re buried on page five, you’re losing out on potential leads which could bring big money.

SEO forces Google to take a look at your site. With some simple content tweaks and link building efforts, your website will rise up the Google ranks, until you claim that number one spot. Imagine being able to sit back and let the leads generate themselves. That is what a strong SEO campaign can do for you!

But SEO requires a lot of continuous work and you need to focus your efforts on closing new clients and serving them with the highest quality lawn care services on the market today. That’s why you need a dedicated team of SEO specialists, who will work tirelessly to see you win the battle for search engine supremacy.

The team at 9Sail is comprised of such experts. We bring our expertise in both SEO and the landscaping
industry to bear in order to create a steady stream of new leads for you.

How Do We Do This?

9Sail has a proven SEO strategy, which we have used to help elevate landscaping companies all over the United States. We understand the hardships that landscapers face on a daily basis and, through our efforts, we will make your website into a lead generation powerhouse.

Step 1: Technical Review of Your Website

What are your website’s strengths? What are its weaknesses? Do you have a blog? Is your contact information up to date and consistent? These are questions we ask as we do an in-depth analysis of your current website. We’re looking to see where we can tweak your content so that Google’s search bots will take notice.

We need to familiarize ourselves with your company. What lawncare services do you specialize in? Who is your target audience? We dive deep into your content to ensure that we know your business backward and forward.

Then, it’s time to formulate a plan of attack.

Step 2: Competitive Analysis

Who are your strongest competitors? Who currently stands atop the landscaping SEO mountain in your area? We dive into their sites with the same amount of detail as we do yours. It’s important to understand what your competition is doing and why it works for them.

[/p]Mostly, we need to understand what services they offer and what keywords they’re ranking for. Armed with this information, it’s time to put our plan into action.[/p]
Step 3: Keyword Research

SEO is all about keywords. Who is searching for what in your area? It’s an answer we need to find out. Utilizing the most advanced tools Google has to offer, we do a comprehensive analysis of the local lawncare industry.

It’s important that we figure out what services people are looking for and, more importantly, how many are looking for each term. If 500 people are searching for “landscaper” in a month, but 2,000 are looking for “lawn care,” then we know where our efforts should be prioritized.

Once we have identified a set of high-volume relevant keywords, it’s time to get to work on your site.

Step 4: Title Tags and Meta Description

A common mistake that most landscapers make is not putting a ton of thought into their title tags and meta descriptions. All too often we see title tags that say, “Joe’s Landscaping.” That is the ultimate wasted opportunity. You need to tell Google what you DO, not who you are. (They already know your name)

Some business owners don’t even know what a meta description is. This short snippet is vital to SEO efforts. A meta description is a brief summary of the content on your site. It is what people will see on a search engine page. It’s also something that Google pays careful attention to when calculating SEO scores. Writing an optimized meta description is an artform in and of itself. Luckily, the 9Sail team specializes in creating engaging SEO compliant metas.

Step 5: Content Optimization

Now comes the fun part! We take that list of keywords we so diligently researched in step three and we insert them into your content. It takes a keen writing mind to be able to rework your on-page verbiage to include keywords in a way that doesn’t seem forced. There is nothing more painful than looking at content in which keywords are sloppily tossed in.

The content of your site is vital to the lead generation process. We want your potential clients to know that you are an expert in lawn care services. We do that through eloquent, factual and informative on page copy.

Step 6: Content Creation

Blogging is important for SEO, and our writing team knows the landscaping business inside and out. We write about the topics your audience wants to know about, showcasing your skill and expertise. Through blog content, we seek to both inform and impress your potential clients, showing them and Google that you are THE go-to expert in your area.

Blogging is also essential for link building efforts. Creating informative content that links back to your site is the best way to network with industry heavy hitters and get your content featured across multiple platforms.

Step 7: Link/Citation Building

This is the most difficult part of SEO, but it’s something that Google takes extra special notice of. We need to generate links and references on highly ranked industry relevant websites to show Google that you are an authority in your field. When a strongly rated website links to you, it’s like they’re giving you their seal of approval and vouching to Google that you are a name to be recognized in the landscaping field.

Link building is time consuming and difficult. It is perhaps the best reason to hire an SEO firm like 9Sail. Step 8: Rinse/Repeat This isn’t a one-time process. SEO is a living, breathing entity that must be consistently nurtured and adjusted. If something isn’t working, a course correction is needed. SEO isn’t a one size fits all formula. What works for one landscaping company doesn’t necessarily work for another.

The team at 9Sail works diligently to continuously build links, provide new content, keep your site optimized and monitor competition to raise you up to the number one spot on Google and keep you there.

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