Are DIY Blogs Beneficial for Your Contracting Business

Date: September 29, 2022

The Difficulty of Deciding on Blog Topics for Contractors

Content is extremely important to help the organic growth of your website, and choosing the right topics will determine if you are gaining the attention of the right audience. For example, a contracting company should not be posting blogs covering “the best ways to cook a steak” if they are trying to build an audience of people interested in home remodeling projects. Blogs tailored to the audience you want to grow will help make your website the best asset your company has.

Following The Trends

All industries have trends and fads that begin to take over the market; and paying attention to them can be the difference maker for your business. Stocking up on the hottest new products, colors or designs will attract new customers and keep your company ahead of the curve. Some trends last years and others come and go quickly, so it is important to not only keep up with the latest trends but also try to get ahead on future trends in the infancy of their popularity.

The Rise of DIY Projects

Throughout the pandemic, people were not able to have handymen and contractors come to their home as they would’ve in the past, so they began learning how to do the repairs and renovations they would usually hire someone else to do. Over the first few weeks of the pandemic, people began creating content showing their viewers how to do smaller projects, which gave rise to the DIY contractor blog.

DIY, or “Do it Yourself”, articles became an extremely popular form of content for those who wanted to redo their home, learn some repair tips, or just entertain themselves with the creative ways people decorate their kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc.

The Worries of Talking About DIY Projects on Your Site

There are concerns that some contractors have in terms of DIY blogs that are completely understandable. Contractors are hired to do the jobs that people aren’t able to do themselves, so teaching them how to tackle these projects seems counterproductive.

The Pros of DIY Blogs

In theory, showing people how to do contracting projects themselves eliminates the need for a contractor; however, writing about some strategically-selected projects based on keyword research can help grow your audience. As people begin to read your articles, they will develop trust in what you say. The organic traffic your website attracts will continue to drive new people to the site, and traffic ultimately leads to leads.

“Why it’s not a DIY project” blog

DIY blogs lead to the big project blogs that you need an expert for. After telling your audience how to do more manageable projects themselves, you are now a trusted authority when they need an expert for the big projects. The trust you gain from showing your audience will carry over when you write about the need for a contractor on their bigger home remodeling projects.

Bigger Projects Lead to Bigger Revenue

Of course, the more jobs you have the better; however, bigger projects will lead to bigger revenue and better margins. Once your audience reads about the big project they want to take on that is not a DIY project, you will already be a trusted authority for them. This trust will make it a simple choice when they are looking to hire a contractor.

It is important to add call to actions, lead forms and call links to your articles. Think of these blogs as a sales pitch: you are starting off by making sure the client trusts your knowledge on the subject and, in the last paragraph or two, discuss some of the key factors that help your company stand out over others (i.e. exclusive services, promo codes, financing options). In your call to action paragraph you should also link to a form that can be filled out in order to get in touch with your business for an estimate or any questions.

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