How Law Firms Can Use Lead Tracking to Determine if Their Marketing Spend Is Working

Date: March 19, 2024
Author: Taylor Tobey

With the rising costs of, well, everything these days, each penny you dedicate to your law firm’s marketing budget is precious. That is why lead tracking is so...


Is Law Firm PR Success Quantifiable? 

Date: March 16, 2024
Author: Louise Petersen

In the highly competitive landscape of legal services, the role of Public Relations (PR) has become increasingly crucial for law firms. Effective PR can enhance a...


What is Share of Voice and How to Measure It for Law Firms

Date: March 14, 2024
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The rise of digital marketing has provided lawyers and law firms with numerous opportunities to promote their services and engage with potential clients. However, the...


Why Tracking Law Firm Marketing ROI Is Important

Date: March 12, 2024
Author: Taylor Tobey

Many firms invest thousands of dollars into marketing spend, whether that be through digital marketing efforts or more traditional efforts. Still, a majority of those...


How to Establish a Realistic Law Firm Social Media Strategy

Date: March 5, 2024
Author: Emily Peter

Today’s hustle culture has got us constantly on the go, so no one can fault you if your law firm’s social media strategy has fallen a bit on the wayside. Managing...


Webinar Recap – Invest with Confidence: Tips For Tracking And Measuring The Success Of Your Marketing Dollars

Date: March 1, 2024
Author: 9Sail

In February, Joe Giovannoli, founder and CEO of 9Sail, discussed how to track and measure marketing spend with two law firm digital marketing experts: Bryan Pattman,...


How to Generate More Online Leads For Your Law Firm

Date: February 28, 2024
Author: Taylor Tobey

As we shift to an increasingly more digital world, did you know that 1/3 of people will begin their search for an attorney online before they ask a friend for a...


Mastering Google’s Mobile-First Indexing in 2024

Date: February 23, 2024
Author: Ryland Alkins

In today's digital realm, mobile reigns supreme. As the preferred platform for accessing information, mobile devices have become the primary gateway to the internet for...


Top 5 Ways Your Law Firm Can Combine SEO and PR

Date: February 21, 2024
Author: Louise Petersen

Having a strong online presence is crucial for law firms to attract clients and stay ahead of the competition. While search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve your...