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How Can Big Data Analytics & Analytics Consulting Help My Business?

Before you can determine whether analytics consulting will help your business, it’s probably a good idea to define it and identify why it does matter.   Big data analytics enables businesses to analyze huge amounts of data to find hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights. It’s a much more efficient process than the more traditional,…

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Is My Website Ready for Conversion Optimization?

What is conversion optimization? Conversion optimization, or CRO, is a systematic process designed to increase the percentage of your website’s visitors who take a specific action, whether it’s completing an email opt-in, filling out a form, requesting additional information, or something else. The goal of CRO is to convert passive website visitors—people who are just…

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SEO For New Websites: Why You Need It and How You Can Start Using It

Your new website is ready to launch, each page crafted with care with pithy yet punchy copy, eye-catching graphics, and easy navigability on desktop and mobile devices alike. But how will people find it?   A website’s best friend is its ranking. Studies and statistics show that when people search for a product or service,…

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Conversion Rate Optimization Results – School Website Case Study

Overview We recently had an opportunity to work with a large music school on increasing the conversion rate of their site. We use a bottom-up approach when planning out these projects because we often find that goals are not configured correctly, and it makes data-driven decision making difficult or even impossible. By starting from the…

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