different generations of a family lined up

Generational Marketing: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

To craft marketing messages that resonate with different types of people, you must understand generational marketing and what it means to your strategy.   As marketers, we understand the importance of segmenting an audience and tailoring the marketing message accordingly. We do this because there is no such thing as a universal marketing strategy that…

Two coworkers examining data to make decisions about conversion strategies

Website Conversation Strategies That Work: It’s All About Adding Value

This guest blog was written by Paradigm Marketing and Design Chief Operating Officer & Senior Marketing Strategist, Carolyn Menz.   Your website is up and running. It’s a well-oiled machine—and it’s beautiful. It’s engaging, visually appealing and speaks to your target audience. Now what? How do you get a user to visit your site? And…

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