Why a Blog is Essential to Have on Your Law Firm’s Website

Date: June 14, 2022

Being an attorney, we know you have an extremely busy schedule between preparing for court dates, meeting with clients, doing research, and all the other tasks that come with being a respected lawyer in your industry. With that said,  it is exceedingly important not to neglect to dedicate some time to writing blog articles for your law firm’s website.

So why is having a blog on your law firm’s website so important? There are an abundance of reasons why having a blog on your law firm’s website is crucial for long-term success which we will highlight in just a bit. With that said, one important tip to remember is that posting an article once every two or three months is not effective. When it comes to blogging on your law firm’s website, consistency is key. You’ll want to establish a posting schedule and stick to it as best as you can. In fact, consistently posting blog articles can even help boost your rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.  

5 Key Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Law Firm’s Website

As mentioned previously, having a blog on your law firm’s website provides you with many benefits. Below we’ll discuss the top five benefits of consistent blogging for your law firm. 

1. Build Trust With Potential and Current Clients

While many people believe that blogging is dead, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, 60% of consumers read blog content regularly. In addition to that, a majority of consumers read blogs to learn something new. Here is where opportunity comes knocking for attorneys, like yourself. With many people being unfamiliar with the law, this gives you and your law firm the opportunity to share your knowledge and build trust with potential and current clients by writing about topics people are looking to learn more about. 

2. Gain Credibility as an Industry Thought Leader

A second benefit of having a blog on your law firm’s website is that you and the other attorneys at your firm can gain credibility as industry thought leaders by writing about topics that are relevant to the area of law you practice such as elder law. This also ties hand in hand with the benefit of building trust with potential and current clients because as you establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing your knowledge through the blogs naturally trust will start to be built. 

3. Lead Generation 

Blog articles are an excellent lead generation tool that are often overlooked by many attorneys. In fact, with a strong enough call to action (CTA), the blogs you dedicate your time to writing can actually turn into revenue. Writing about topics that are being searched for and discussed on the internet can generate leads for your firm. For example, if you have a blog about how and why to draft a will, someone who comes across this blog could read it and then reach out to your elder law firm to help draft their will. This creates a win-win situation for both your firm and the potential client. 

4. Rank Higher in Search Engines

Another key benefit of having a blog on your law firm’s website is that the likelihood of ranking better in search engines is high. How and why? Well, to start you will have more keywords that can be targeted and capitalized on.

In addition, Google seeks to provide users with the best and most relevant answers to their queries – blogging is the perfect way to answer those key questions people are asking and what better way to get an answer to a legal question than from an attorney! 

5. Build Brand Awareness

Lastly, blog articles allow your firm to build brand awareness. For example, say I Google the question “What does an elder law attorney do?”. I am looking at the results and find that your blog titled “What an elder law attorney can help with” shows up as the third result. Out of curiosity, I click on your blog, give it a read and find it to be helpful. 

Now fast forward to a few weeks in the future. I have a conversation with my parents and they tell me that I should start thinking about drafting a will. I agree and then remember the article I read a few weeks ago and revisit that website. This is a prime example of how your articles can build brand awareness and drive more direct traffic to your site because people are now aware of your brand and search for your firm directly. 

Do You Need Help With Your Law Firm’s Blog?

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