Ongoing Optimization

Many think that SEO is just a one-time, easy process that’ll boost your site right to the top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What many come to realize is that this isn’t the case at all. Optimizing your website is a long, strenuous process that requires a lot of effort and ongoing maintenance. Google is always changing(hundreds of times a year, in fact)  and because of that, it’s crucial that you have experts in control of your website, even when the initial optimization process is finished, so you can stay at the top where you belong.

Strong SEO is the Key to Success

Your SEO strategy needs to remain strong and up-to-date so you can continue to attract new customers. How do you do this? Through a few different steps. First, you need to stay on top of the SEO trends. That means nothing to someone who has no idea what to look for. That’s why you leave your site in the hands of the experts at 9Sail. We eat, sleep, and breathe SEO so that way you don’t have to. The status quo never stays the same, which is why we study the SEO trends and topics on a daily basis so we don’t miss out on any algorithm changes or updates. It would be devastating to work your way to the top only to fall down again because you missed an algorithm update.. Let us handle it, and your business will continue to prosper.

Our team prides themselves on giving your website the attention it needs, even after it has received improved visibility. We use tools like Google Analytics to constantly study data to see what is happening on your site so we can make changes when necessary. We also encourage our clients to continually update their websites with new content. You never know when things change. Maybe your services have changed, or maybe you run your business a little differently now. It’s always good to keep fresh content on your website to show your customers that you care and are maintaining it properly. Adding SEO-friendly content is even better, because you’re continuing to update your customers while putting yourself in a position to attract customers and rank well on Google.

At 9Sail, we are 100 percent available to our clients and completely transparent. With ongoing optimization, we keep you in the loop of everything we’re doing while delivering updates regarding the analytics of your website and our plans of how we’re going to keep you at the top. It’s also good to continue optimizing your website because it allows us to test different things and see which techniques work best for your business goals. Ongoing optimization is truly a process with several benefits and zero cons. Don’t let your website falter when we’ve already helped you get to the top. Continue to work with us, and we’ll continue to deliver results.