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On-Going SEO Service
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What is the point of having a website if prospects can’t find the website? Our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are developed to meet the specific needs of our customers’ businesses.

We start by performing an audit on our customer’s website. This audit will tell us where the website currently stands in the rankings, what errors there are on site, etc… After performing the audit, we will go though it with our customer to explain where the site is working and where we can improve.

In addition to educating our customers on potential issues with their website’s SEO, we get straight to work to develop a customized strategy for their business. We begin by researching competitors and keywords that are most relevant to our customer’s business to develop a content strategy.

We provide SEO reports to our search engine optimization customers. The reports allow our customers to view their website analytics and search data. Most noteworthy, our customers can watch their website improve month to month and can provide feedback on what they are seeing on their end.

New Website SEO Set-Up
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Planning to build a new website? Maybe you are a website design company looking to up their SEO game for their clients. 9Sail helps companies and agencies to improve their website builds by providing initial SEO set-up services.

9Sail will help to:
  • Create a proper site-map
  • Research relevant competitive keywords
  • Write title tags and meta descriptions
  • Generate a list of proper page redirects from the old website to the new one
  • Assist in the content planning and optimizing process

Website design companies are great at making things look good and making them function well. 9Sail is great at following the data and devising a plan for the best results when launching that beautiful new website. We have one question for you to consider, do you want to rank well on Google?

Content Creation and Copywriting
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Your company deserves proper representation and many times your website is your first point of contact with your potential customers. Throwing a bunch of fluff and jargon on a page on your website does NOT constitute good content.

9Sail helps customers to present their brand with a unique voice and powerful messaging. Whether it is a website design / website development project or an existing website requiring a face lift, we will help you to improve your messaging and set you up to begin the search engine optimization process.

Want to create kick-ass blog content? You might consider 9Sail your “one-stop shop” for content success. 9Sail will plan and write your blog articles for you utilizing top keywords and relevant information for your readers.

“Google Rules the World” and “Content is King” they say… don’t piss-off the ruler and create king worthy content.

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