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As a marketer, there are so many of these acronyms and abbreviations out there. You have SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, SMM, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Pay-Per-Click, and of course, SEO, Search Engine Optimization. In a rapidly changing and growing space, how can someone stay on top of the trends and make the best decisions on their brands behalf? Time and time again, Marketing people get caught up in the weeds of the day-to-day work that comes with working in brand marketing and they lose site of the latest and greatest that is happening in the digital world around them. This is not only common, but makes a lot of sense as every marketing person wants to love and cherish their brand in order to nurture its success.

Search Engine Optimization is an opportunity to add extreme value to your brand and website by maximizing the amount of Organic website traffic your site receives. SEO focuses on specific keywords that will direct the highest quality traffic to your website when an internet users does a search on a search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. Keywords are everything to the success of your website. Without Organic traffic, your efforts are limited to whatever you can drum up from other sources such as social, email, AdWords, etc…

SEO is the long term strategy for any brand. We commonly compare SEO to the financial industry whereas SEO is the long term investment strategy and PPC/SEM is the short term strategy. With AdWords, you pay to play. If you stop paying, you stop showing up, but results are more instant. With SEO, it could take 3-9 months to start to see results, and it is something brands commonly have to keep in their budgets for years as a site can always use more SEO.

Conversion Optimization
Website conversion rate optimization

Have you ever wondered how to turn all of your web traffic into paying customers? Website traffic generated from SEO, outside marketing efforts, social, etc. Is commonly used as the metric for success of a site, but what if we told you there was a better way to do it?

What is Conversion optimization? It is the act of making both front-end and back-end changes to your site in order to create a clear path and opportunity for a viewer to turn into a prospect. Website traffic is valuable, but only if handled right. With Conversion Optimization, things such as landing pages and calls to action are reviewed and tested to determine the effectiveness of a given page. Website Analytics can be very telling if utilized properly. We utilize tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to make assumptions and theories around what would create the highest conversion rate and move into testing from there.

Are you running Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns? Conversion Optimization is a great way to make better use of your ad spend budget. By analyzing users paths, we can identify opportunities for improvement and growth, maximizing your time and money spent.

Are you getting enough out of your money spent? It is believed that, for every dollar spent in online advertising, you should see a 3x to 4x return on investment (ROI). Online advertising such as Google AdWords, for example, has many moving parts from campaign optimization to page optimization. We take a Birds Eye view approach and drill down to the specifics once we have an understanding of the whole picture and can determine the most effective strategy to utilize to find the best outcome.

With years of experience in the search space, Team 9Sail is your go-to when looking for a boost in revenue from your website. Whether you want your Pay-Per-Click campaigns reviewed for their effectiveness or want to see how you can start making money from your website traffic, Conversion Optimization is a great opportunity for your website.

Analytics Consulting
analytics consulting nj website

Your website is a living a breathing part of your marketing, so why not understand the patterns and behaviors of it? The vast majority of brands have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set-up for their website but most don’t know how to effectively use it. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from understanding the data that follows like Google Analytics can offer, why not take advantage of it?

To understand the current state of a website, numbers can play a huge role. Our approach is always to go to the Analytics for our answers because numbers typically don’t lie and they paint a picture. Marketers are always looking for ways to figure out and track effectiveness campaigns, and Analytics can certainly assist.

What is Analytics Consulting? We help brands to set-up, track, measure, and tweak tools such as Google Analytics to aid in maximizing a marketers understanding of their website. By reviewing traffic patterns and user paths and utilizing built-in metrics such as Goals and Conversion Values, we can identify what a sites traffic is really worth to our customers.

We have worked with large brands to help them to identify what their website traffic is actually doing and have been able to develop a strategy to implement for greater site results. Analytics Consulting is important for brands that receive a lot of traffic, whether organic or direct, who want to gain more value and insight from their traffic.

New Website SEO Set-Up
SEO New Website SEO Strategy

Planning to build a new website? Maybe you are a website design company looking to up their SEO game for their clients. 9Sail helps companies and agencies to improve their website builds by providing initial SEO set-up services.

9Sail will help to:
  • Create a proper site-map
  • Research relevant competitive keywords
  • Write title tags and meta descriptions
  • Generate a list of proper page redirects from the old website to the new one
  • Assist in the content planning and optimizing process

Website design companies are great at making things look good and making them function well. 9Sail is great at following the data and devising a plan for the best results when launching that beautiful new website. We have one question for you to consider, do you want to rank well on Google?

Pay-Per-Click PPC marketing services advertising seo 9sail

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a very effective tool for brands looking to make a quick splash on search engines utilizing targeted keywords. PPC enables brands to buy clicks in order to drive sales and visibility of the website.

Typically used in tandem with other forms of marketing, PPC is the fastest way to the top of the search engine results. By setting ad spend budgets and building targeted landing pages for your traffic, PPC will build strong and meaningful traffic that has great potential in converting.

PPC is also commonly used for inbound calls. With Google’s call now feature, web searchers can skip the reading and go right to the phone call. This is a great tool for established local brands who want to ensure they get the call when someone is looking for their service. A great example is the local or semi-local automotive servicing companies, such as mechanics. When a search is done such as “joe’s Chevy dealership Fairfield nj” joe’s might want to invest in PPC to ensure he gets those calls. His competition can target keywords relevant to his brand to steal the opportunities out from under Joe.

Larger brands spending on PPC don’t always get the best of insights into their results. Our team works hard to keep our customers informed and to take a weekly approach to our work. When working with Team 9Sail, your results are reviewed weekly in order to maximize the ad spend budgets and to optimize for the best results.

Content Creation and Copywriting
Website content creation for organic search growth

Your company deserves proper representation and many times your website is your first point of contact with your potential customers. Throwing a bunch of fluff and jargon on a page on your website does NOT constitute good content.

9Sail helps customers to present their brand with a unique voice and powerful messaging. Whether it is a website design / website development project or an existing website requiring a face lift, we will help you to improve your messaging and set you up to begin the search engine optimization process.

Want to create kick-ass blog content? You might consider 9Sail your “one-stop shop” for content success. 9Sail will plan and write your blog articles for you utilizing top keywords and relevant information for your readers.

“Google Rules the World” and “Content is King” they say… don’t piss-off the ruler and create king worthy content.

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