Making Time for Content Creation During the Holidays

Date: November 15, 2022

Content creation can feel like a burden, especially during the busiest times of the year. It can feel difficult to justify taking time to create content during the holidays when your bandwidth is already limited and your attention is being pulled in multiple directions. Below, you will find our tips for how to handle your holiday content planning to continue your law firm’s success year-round. 

Start Early

Getting a head start on your holiday content planning can make a huge difference in the long run. While it may feel excessive, starting early during slower times means that you’ll have a backlog of engaging content ready to go once the busy season hits. Do your research to see if you can get a handle on upcoming trends for the new year, and look back at recent conversations with clients to try and anticipate future needs. Even if minor changes need to be made in order to make your content fit your current needs when it comes time to post, starting early means you have a base to work off of that will save you time and effort when your time becomes limited. 

Plan Your Calendar Ahead of Time

Similarly, planning ahead will save you time and struggle as the holidays approach. Sit down and plan your schedule for your content during the holidays. Do you want posts to go up weekly? Biweekly? Do you want a combination of holiday-related pieces and evergreen blogs? Knowing the answers to these questions, build out your calendar planning exactly what should be posted and when. Then use whatever tools you have at your disposal to set your content on a schedule, so that you can be sure your content will be posted consistently even if you’re busy with other work or family obligations. Plan as far in advance as you can – for example, if you plan through the end of December because you’re thinking about a traditional holiday season, but you know that January will still be a busy time for your law firm between obligations and catching up, schedule your content as far out as you can to ensure that your posting cadence stays consistent. 

Keep Posting Even if Your Competitors Pause

You may hear that it’s futile to continue posting content for your law firm during the holiday season when the public is less likely to be looking for professional services. However, the holiday season is often the perfect time to discuss family issues that lead you back to an attorney, like estate planning, separation or elder care. Having content ready to go means that you’ll stay top of mind as families discuss their futures, even if your competitors take a holiday break. Consider the topics most likely to be discussed around the dinner table, and tailor some of your holiday content towards that. This shows your clients that you’re considering their needs year-round, and are providing aid for them even when your competitors are not. 

Offer Value Throughout the Season

It can feel difficult to find ways to provide meaningful, quality content at a constant clip throughout the year. The truth is that it is not always easy to find the right topics or the freshest spin. However, be conscious not to provide lower-quality content when there’s too much work on your plate. This does not mean all content needs to be information-heavy – the holidays are certainly a time to post some more lighthearted pieces related to your practice areas or office culture. Rather, try not to let the quality slip even when the content is a little more blithe, and do your best to create balance between the two styles. Try to intersperse in-depth blog posts with easier pieces, whether they’re holiday-themed or round-ups of the work your firm has accomplished this year. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to produce posts like FAQs, which are simpler to write but provide enormous value for your potential clients and a major SEO upside. Consider what your clients will most need to see upon returning to post-holiday life, and make sure that you are providing them with valuable, quality content upon their return. 

Make Your Brand Memorable

The holidays are a great time to show a little bit of your law firm’s personality to the general public. While providing valuable content that establishes you as a thought leader, so too can you provide some more lighthearted holiday season content that will make your firm stand out in the minds of potential clients. Consider making a video with everyone in your law firm giving seasons’ greetings or showing off decorations around the office. Pair this with a blog post about some of your firm’s most important or memorable accomplishments from the past year. Or take a more charitable approach, and discuss organizations related to your practice areas that could use help this holiday season, along with a donation from the firm, or even a promise to match donations from others. Feel free to use the holiday season to show your potential clients that you’re people in addition to being thought leaders in your practice areas. This content should also be simpler to create, freeing some of your time up during this busy season. 

9Sail Can Help You Set Your Content Up for Success Year-Round

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