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Law firms that work with individuals, families, or non-business clients (also known as B2C Law Firms) have an amazing opportunity with digital marketing. Consumers spend a significant amount of time “Googling” for a product or service they are looking for, even more so on the service side.

It has been proven that prospective clients will look at several websites before calling the law firm they ultimately end up working with (this may vary). Now more than ever, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are crucial to the overall marketing mix for any law firm.

9Sail offer’s best in breed lead generation services through search. Our team of highly skilled digital strategists build effective, lead generating strategies that will help any B2C law firm to grow .

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Our Past Work

Our client, a New York City-based business and entertainment law firm, came to 9Sail looking to resolve two issues common to many law firms: increasing their influx of quality leads and growing their brand awareness. This law firm was already converting their organic search leads at a strong level and had an impressive amount of traffic to the site. Improving an already successful website would provide a unique challenge to the 9Sail team especially in the highly competitive NYC legal space. However, we were able to create a comprehensive SEO strategy after a successful kickoff meeting and fruitful baseline research of our client and their top competitors. To learn more, view this law firm case study.

Audit Your Website

We provide an audit & blueprint, a project which evaluates your law firm’s website and digital presence to find the areas of opportunity that can be leveraged to rank higher in search results, show in the map pack, and convert users at a higher frequency once they land on your website. Learn more about our audit & blueprint here.