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Search Engine Optimization for accountants

Accountants lead lives filled with numbers. Your occupation rises and falls on digits and decimal points. One number that you shouldn’t have to worry about is your firm’s SEO score.

But what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the fastest way to help your potential clients find you in time for tax season. Your SEO score determines where you fall on a Google search for key terms that are relevant to your business.

“Accountant Near Me”

“Do My Taxes”


These are all terms that you want to rank for in your area. Once you cross the threshold of the first page of Google results, the number of leads pouring through your firm’s phones will increase exponentially. With a cohesive, ethical and well researched SEO strategy, your website can drive new leads in droves. But SEO is a time commitment, and you’re going to need all the time you have to focus on your increased client load.

The team at 9Sail is composed of SEO professionals who have a record of success in helping accountants achieve SEO dominance. Our team knows the ins and outs of the accounting world. We know what your potential clients are searching for, and we know how to put your website before their eyes.

How Do We Do It?

SEO is not easy, but you can’t argue with its results. 9Sail has developed a sure-fire eight step process designed to help accountants reach the pinnacle of Google search glory. With a few tweaks to your website, consistent content generation, and a continuous influx of backlinks and citations, we take your site and turn it into a lead generation machine.

It starts with a little bit of “getting to know you.”

Step 1: Technical Website Analysis

If your website isn’t generating leads, we need to know why. Where does it go wrong? Where does it go right? What can we do to launch your site to the next level?

SEO is all about content, so we need to understand yours. As we dive into the technical side of your site, we need to take a look at how it’s set up. Are your titles optimized? What about your meta description? What are you already telling Google about what you do?

Once we know that, it’s time to get to know the competition.

Step 2: Competitive Analysis

When you type “Accountant” into Google, who comes up first? If it’s not you, then there’s something to learn about what your competitors are doing. We need to understand who we’re up against, and look at the level of optimization they have on their site.

How does their voice differ from yours? What are they doing that you haven’t been? We need to understand your competitors in order to overtake them.

Step 3: Keyword Research

When looking for keywords to rank for, it’s important to ask two questions for every term.

1. Is this relevant to the accounting services I offer?

2. Are people searching for this?

Relevancy and volume are what you’re looking for. What are the highest ranking key terms that correlate to your accounting firm’s specialties? If you’re a personal accountant it won’t do you any good to rank for business accounting. In fact, if Google catches you trying to rank for irrelevant terms, it’s going to penalize you.

Once we know what you need to rank for, it’s time to begin on-page optimization.

Step 4: Optimize Title Tags and Meta Description

Look at your current website. See the tab at the top of your browser? If it only says the name of your accounting firm, then you’re doing something majorly wrong. Title tags are not created for consumers. They exist for search engines. As such, it does not do well to simply state who you are. Google knows who you are. They know your name. What they need to learn is what you do. An optimized title will inform Google and make you out to be an expert in accounting services.

Your meta description is a short blurb, about 320 characters, that explains what you do. The meta description should also contain a few of your high value keywords. This is also what your potential clients will see when they find you via a search engine. We want to ensure that your meta is good enough to impress Google and great enough to inspire clicks from those who find you.

Step 5: Content Optimization

This is the heart and soul of the SEO process. We need to take your site and optimize your content to contain the keywords that we picked out on step three. Content optimization is an artform. There is nothing more painful than looking at a site in which keywords are forced into sentences in a ham-fisted manner.

Once your keywords and seamlessly added, it’s time to start generating new content.

SStep 6: Content Creation

Blogging is an important and fun part of the SEO process. By creating blog articles which contain high value and relevant keywords, we are showing Google that you are an authority in the accounting world. Google loves content, and 9Sail loves to produce content. We focus in on relevant topics that your audience is searching for. We want to ensure that your expertise provides a helpful boost to the lives of your audience as well as your SEO score.

Step 7: Link and Citation Building

Consider for a moment that Google’s first page is like an exclusive secret club. The only way to get into that club is for someone on the inside to vouch for you. That’s what backlinks are.

Backlinks are links to your site listed on other industry relevant pages which have a high Google ranking. Citations are listings of your name, address, and phone number on these sites. Citations are especially useful in local SEO efforts, which are perfect for accountants.

When someone links back to you or gives you a citation, they’re telling Google that they give you their seal of approval. You are a force to be reckoned with in the accounting world.

Step 8: Rinse/Repeat

Much like taxes, SEO is not a one-time process. It is an ongoing battle that must be fought on a daily basis. Once you achieve first page status on Google, you aren’t done. Taking the throne is one thing, but once you have it, you have to defend it.

9Sail continuously creates new content for you, generates links and citations, and monitors your progress so that we can alter our strategy when needed.

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