SEO and PPC: The Perfect Partnership for Website Success

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In the realm of digital marketing there are two effective tools a company can use to harness the power of Google and make the world’s number one search engine into their lead generation machine. They are Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising. SEO and PPC are very different in terms of how they work, but both strive for the same goal; increased visibility, traffic, leads, and eventually sales.
Many business owners toil over their marketing strategy, wondering which avenue would better suit their needs. But why choose just one? Using SEO tactics and a strong PPC campaign, you can speed up your return on investment and maximize growth.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process in which one can increase their Google ranking through a series of content tweaks and link building efforts. This directly affects organic search results. When someone looks up a keyword that is relevant to your business, your SEO score determines where you will be found. If that’s anywhere but the first page, you’re not likely to receive much, if any search related traffic.
To make your site an SEO powerhouse, you have to create engaging and quality content, optimized with a number of relevant high-volume keywords. Your meta description, title tags, photo captions, headlines and body content all need to be formulated with this strategy in mind.
The second, and more time-consuming part of the SEO process is link building. Sites with an established high-ranking Google score that are relevant to your industry can share links to your site, giving you a seal of approval which Google takes into account. Link building can be done in the form of citations, or by crafting optimized blog articles which contain a link.
The main drawback of SEO is that it takes time. Most companies don’t see a return for at least six months.

What is PPC?

PPC is a faster and far easier way to establish traffic. Through a series of targeted advertisements, you can bid on certain relevant keywords, and pay every time your link is clicked. PPC generated text links appear before organic search results and are clearly marked as advertisements. PPC is undertaken through a service called Google Adwords, in which you identify your keywords, budget, and create the verbiage for your ads.
There are many types of PPC. There are text ads, which appear in search engine results; display ads, which run along the vast Google display network; and video ads, which play on the Google owned YouTube. The beauty of PPC is that is it entirely customizable. You pay only as much as you want and cannot be charged more than your allotted budget. This is helpful when identifying the value of a lead and measuring the potential for return on investment.
PPC is also immediate. Once you turn your campaign on, the ads will begin to populate.

How Can SEO and PPC Work Together?

PPC provides immediate results, while SEO is a much slower process. However, SEO has the potential for a much larger return on investment than PPC. Organic search results see a much higher click through rate than paid ads, so the benefits of both PPC and SEO balance one another.
A truly strong digital marketing campaign will make use of both of these services simultaneously. SEO takes time, and not every business has the ability to sit around and wait for six months to begin to see return. A strong PPC campaign provides immediate financial relief, keeping money flowing through the door while the SEO process begins to take shape.
Thanks to PPC, you can reap the benefits of a successfully executed ad strategy while building up and optimizing your content. The customizable nature of PPC also ensures that you won’t break the bank while trying to supplement your return. This also gives you the time needed to monitor your SEO growth, making adjustments to your strategy as needed to ensure maximum results.
Once you have achieved first page penetration for many of your chosen keywords, you will start to see a serious influx of new business leads. At that time, you can choose to continue reaping the financial benefits of both SEO and PPC, or you can downgrade. Some businesses begin to phase out their PPC spending at this point, opting to focus all of their efforts on maintaining a high SEO score. Once you are highly ranked, you’re not guaranteed to stay that way. SEO supremacy is a constant battle, but its benefits are plentiful.
The digital marketing specialists at 9Sail are experts in both SEO and PPC campaigns. Working with us, you can be sure that the future visibility of your business is in good hands. For more information regarding our SEO and PPC strategies, contact us today.

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