The Importance of Content for SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important tools in the modern digital marketing playbook. Through a series of strategically placed keywords and backlinks, you can improve your Google search standing, rising to the coveted number one rank. With top tier ranking comes improved visibility, sales, and success. At the end of the day, you can have all the links and keywords in the world, but if your content is not strong and high quality, then your SEO efforts are doomed for failure.
There is a mistaken notion throughout the marketing world that anyone can do SEO. What they don’t realize before sinking time and effort into a fruitless endeavor is that to truly succeed in the search engine stratosphere you need a keen writing mind. Superior content leads to superior results.

Keyword Strategy

Taking your carefully researched keywords and peppering them throughout your content is not an easy task. There is nothing more painful than reading a business website in which keywords are inserted in a ham-fisted manner purely to appease the Google overlords. Keywords have to be seamlessly weaved into content in a way that works both to educate the audience and Google as to what it is your company does.
In the early days of SEO, it was easier to trick Google into granting you a higher ranking. Many “black hat” SEO companies would haphazardly throw the same keywords onto a website over and over again in an attempt to draw the attention and approval of Google’s search bots. This worked for a time, but eventually Google’s system grew wise to this tactic. Now, it takes content quality into consideration when formulating rankings.

Social Sharing

The more your content is shared, the better it looks to Google. Social sharing is great both for SEO purposes and for overall visibility. Social validation will always help ranking. Unless you’ve got massive amount of capital laying around to spread your content, the best way to encourage social sharing is by creating content that people find interesting.
Valuable content will be shared among various social media platforms, letting Google know that your quality content is both informative and authoritative in your chosen field.
Backlink Generation
Link building is one of the most important and difficult components of the SEO process. In order to prove your worth to Google, you need to generate links on several high-profile websites, which are directed back at your company. These linking pages must be credible and relevant to your industry. If you consider SEO to be like a job interview, in which you’re trying to convince Google you are the right site for the number one slot, link building is the reference section of your resume. When a high-profile site links back to you, it’s giving Google a seal of approval, stating that you are an authority in your field.
Getting these links can be a tiring and laborious process. One of the best way of achieving backlinks is to create engaging industry articles that contain a link back to your main website. These articles are far easier to shop around if your content is strong and quality. Effective writing can make the hardest stage of your SEO journey far more doable.

Variety of Content

Black Hat SEO strategies, like the one outlined above, can hurt your Google ranking. One such concept that worked at one time was content reproduction. Companies were sending the same content out for link sharing to every website, rather than customizing these articles for their intended audiences. As it is known to do, Google grew wise to this deceptive tactic.
Part of Google’s current algorithm is a program which scours the web for copycat content. Google diligently searches for spam, plagiarism, and duplicate articles, penalizing those who create them. Rather than put all of your energy into deceiving one of the most powerful corporations on the planet, why not put that drive and determination to work at crafting flawless and elegant content. Your links will grow, your shares will expand, and your SEO rank will skyrocket.

Quality First

SEO is not a race. It is a long drawn out process which takes the perfect combination of time, skill, and know-how to perfect. Creating quality content is not easy, and it’s not something just anyone can do. The team at 9Sail practices safe White Hat SEO tactics, with a strong focus on quality. The content our writing team churns out on a daily basis is tailor made to each client’s specific narrative voice and tested for Google compliance.
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