What Can You do to Keep Website Visitors Engaged?

Better engage website users

Web traffic is important, but if you want to generate conversions and increase sales, you need to keep users engaged once they’re on your site.


So, you’re kicking butt in the search engines and attracting the right audience to your website. Way to go! The bad news is unless you’re seeing actual results from that web traffic, your job is far from done.


The next step is engaging users on your website and optimizing for more conversions. This means getting people to do things like:


  • Subscribe to your newsletter or blog. 
  • Spend more time on your website and view more pages instead of bouncing out.
  • Share your content.
  • Click on your CTA’s and take your requested action.


So, what contributes to a high bounce rate? And what can you do to entice users to stay and explore your site?


Here are some of the most effective ways to engage website visitors:


  1. Speed it up


Page load speed is the first thing users notice after clicking on your link in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If they have to wait an inordinately long time for your page to load (longer than about 3 seconds), they will never read your content because they will click away before your page displays. Mobile users are even more discerning when it comes to page speed. 


If you want to create a positive first impression and good user experience for your visitors, make sure your site loads quickly. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can help you get a handle on slow loading times. 


  1. Keep it intuitive and user-friendly


Once users are on your site, chances are they know what they’re looking for. Make it easy for them to navigate your site and find what they came for without having to go down too many rabbit holes. Don’t use too much text. Do utilize an appropriate amount of white space, eye-catching (yet minimal) imagery, and make sure your site’s navigation and categories logically direct users to the desired information.


  1. Use strong and clear calls-to-action


This goes hand-in-hand with a user-friendly site. You can help guide your visitors through the pivotal points of your website by using clear and concise calls-to-actions (CTA’s). Do you want users to subscribe to your blog? Give them an easy opportunity to do so. Want them to sign up for a free trial? Then tell them to with a strong CTA. 


  1. Provide useful, up-to-date content 


Your blog is the best place to entice engagement through useful content. Small businesses that have blogs get 126 percent more leads than those that don’t. 


The trick to fostering engagement and generating leads through content is making sure it is relevant, useful, and consistent. Only then will the target audience start to view you as a thought leader and visit your site for information or answers. Regular content creation will give your SEO score a boost, form positive brand associations, and increase traffic and revenue for your company. 


  1. Go light on the ads


Monetizing your website is generally a good idea, but all things in moderation. Too many advertisements can make your site look spammy and overly commercialized. Oversaturating the pages with ads, particularly ones with a lot of movement, can also be very distracting and make it difficult for users to find what they’re looking for. And ads can slow your site down, to boot. 


Think about your visitors’ experience and place ads strategically, keeping them to one side of your page or the other. 


  1. Gather email addresses


Blog readership is great, but visitors who read your blog once and never come back generally don’t convert. It’s important to capture email addresses so you can stay in touch. 


Compiling an email list is one of the keys to building and maintaining a healthy base of prospective and current customers. It allows you to speak to your contacts whenever you have something important to share, as opposed to hoping they check your website at the right times. 


To gather email addresses, sprinkle compelling email sign-up CTA’s throughout your site, use a lightbox popup to capture reader attention, and offer freebies like e-books and free trials so readers have a good reason to give you their email addresses. This will help you keep users engaged, even when they’re not actively on your website.


Keeping website users engaged is one of the most crucial components for generating conversions. Engaged visitors are more likely to stay on your website, explore your content, subscribe to blogs and newsletters, and, most importantly, purchase your products and services. 


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