Five Tips To Optimize Google Business Profiles for Contractors

Date: December 8, 2022

What is Your Google Business Profile

Google maintains a platform that is often overlooked by business owners in the contracting industry. A Google Business Profile helps businesses manage their online presence while directing new users to their site. As a profile is better optimized, the site will continuously gain traffic and users. 

But how exactly can you optimize this profile? Leveraging our experience helping contractors with their Google Business Profiles, we compile five key tips to make sure your contracting company is using its Google Business Profile to its full potential below.

1. Confirm that your contact information is correct

It may sound extremely simple, but making sure your address, phone, email, web and other contact information is correct is one of the most important factors to growing your business through your profile. The correct business name and website link are important; however, there is other information that you will need to review. Whether or not customers and prospects come to your storefront, it is important to have the right address attached to your profile. A Google Business Profile is primarily used for location-based searches, so an accurate address and listing of hours of operation will make sure that your potential clients are finding your page when they look for your services. 

2. Add a call tracking number to your page

After making sure the right phone number is attached to your account, you may want to consider adding call tracking to your account as well. Call tracking uses software to gain data from the calls that are made to your business. There are many different platforms that offer this service, each coming with different benefits that could be exactly what you may need to help grow your business. Finding how your audience gets to your website will allow you to learn a lot more about the things your clients are looking for, what to keep stocked, and what potentially can be upsold while booking out projects. For example, if your window installation page is bringing in most of your audience, then maybe that is something you should be investing more time and resources into. Alternatively, you could begin suggesting new windows to clients who are getting estimates to have their siding redone. The more information you have on your audience, the better you will be able to grow it. 

3. Add Google Business Profile posts

A simple, yet underutilized, aspect of your Google Business Profile is the updates and posts feature. On your account, you are able to make posts that your audience will see when they come across your profile. These posts can be updates on discounts and special offers, awards and new hires, or you can use these posts to promote different pages on your website. While making these posts, you can add a “Learn More” button that you can set up to link to a specific page, blog, or gallery on your site. 

As a rule of thumb, you should post once a week. Consistency will help your profile grow, and you will be able to see the amount of people who view your posts when you look at your profile’s analytics.

4. Respond to reviews

Having the correct information on your profile is important to make sure your audience is growing, but consistently getting and responding to reviews will make sure your business is being evaluated properly by customers. Most consumers will read through reviews much longer than they will read through any content you post on your site whether they are one star or five star reviews (glossing over the five star and intently reading the one star reviews), so your responses to these reviews are critical. 

Outside of how customers see your business, receiving reviews also helps your organic rankings on Google. Reviews help build Google’s overall trust score, which factors into how often your profile will show up as a result for specific keywords. 

5. Add products

No matter what industry you are a part of, adding products is a great option to help your profile stand out amongst your competitors. The section on your profile is called “Products,” but you are able to add so many aspects of your business to this tab. For a contractor, it is great to add the services you offer to this tab, making sure to link each service page to the appropriate tab. Being specific on the “Products” tab allows the audience to see the unique services you offer as well. What you list on your Google Business Profile is important, however, it will not be beneficial if it is not linked to a well-written service page. Content creation is not as hard as you may think if you know what goes into making your content successful.

Still Having Trouble With Your Google Business Profile? Let Us Help

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