Case Study

Large Long Island Moving Company Sees Massive Organic Growth

May 23, 2021

At the beginning of Q2 2019, a Long Island-based moving company approached us about our SEO services for moving companies. The company has been passed down through three generations and they were looking to expand their marketing reach and continue to grow the company through new channels.

google search console results moving company in long island

Large Long Island Moving Company Sees Massive Organic Growth

The Challenge

In June 2019 this moving company had 1,310 organic users visit their website, most of which was branded search. The company was looking to increase its non-branded search so that it can drive new users to the website and take advantage of the thousands of people who are searching for moving services each month into and out of New York City.


The biggest opportunities that we saw to grow this company’s organic traffic were through:

  • Content creation
  • Technical fixes
  • Authority improvements

SEO Friendly Content

We wrote all of the static pages on the company’s website to give them the best chance of ranking for valuable keywords, such as “moving company nyc”, and also provided the user with a full description of what their services entailed. This work builds trust with the reader and helps to improve the likelihood of conversion.

Blog Posts

Once those pages were rewritten we focused our efforts on creating useful articles that would attract users doing top-of-the-funnel research. This included topics around:

  • Preparing for a move
  • Best places to live in certain areas
  • Ways to make your new home setup less stressful

These blogs continue to drive thousands of users each month and have naturally acquired backlinks, which helps to boost the authority of the website as a whole.


The final step in our process was to continually land high-authority backlinks to their most important pages so that we can get them to rank higher in search engines. We used multiple tactics, such as:

  • Unlinked brand mention
  • Industry association
  • Guest blogging outreach

These tactics allowed us to land backlinks from websites like the Chamber of Commerce, Best Company, The Herald, and more.

Large Long Island Moving Company Sees Massive Organic Growth


Now, one year later, here are the numbers:

July 2019 v 2020 stats organic onlyorganic traffic 2020 vs 2019 moving company long island

We have seen an increase of over 3,500 new users, which is a 268% growth in a single year! The number of leads that they received from organic leads was over double what they were seeing in 2019.


The work that we have completed for this client is going to continue to drive organic traffic for years to come and we are excited to see them grow to the next level and continue to provide an amazing service for their customers. If you are interested in talking with our team about how you can drive consistent leads to your website and scale your business reach out to us today!